The Tuckahoe PTA provides funding and support for all three schools – William E. Cottle Elementary School, Tuckahoe Middle School, and Tuckahoe High School, as well as for Tuckahoe Pre-K.

The Tuckahoe PTA’s operating budget is derived from their annual membership drive and several fund-raisers held during the year. Additional contributions are welcome and important to further the organization’s mission. All families, faculty, Board of Education Trustees, and administrators are asked to participate.

PTA programs include: cultural arts, dance, mini-courses, parent education, scholarships, student aid, annual school gifts, and graduation hospitality. Parent volunteers, who give generously of their time for the benefit of the entire school, guide the PTA’s committees. The committees are:

  • Community & School Relations
  • Community Service
  • Cottle Committee
  • Cultural Arts
  • Dance
  • Health/Nutrition/Safety
  • High School Committee
  • Hospitality
  • Math & Science
  • Membership
  • Middle School Committee
  • Parents as Reading Partners (PARP)
  • Pre-K Committee
  • Programs
  • Public Relations/Communications
  • Room Representatives
  • Scholarsip
  • Special Education (SEPTA)  tuckahoe.septa@gmail.com
  • Ways and Means
  • Welcome Committee

 Please click here for the list of 2016-17 PTA Committee Chair Contact List 

The PTA is governed by an Executive Board which consists of an Executive Committee and Board of Committee Chairs, all of whom have a two- year term. The Executive Committee consists of a president, president-elect, three vice presidents (faculty members), treasurer, corresponding secretary and recording secretary. Board meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday of each month. PTA general meetings are listed on the calendar. Anyone wishing to chair or join a committee should contact Tuckahoe PTA President, Allison Halloran at 914-656-3118 or alihalloran@gmail.com.